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U-Boat Replica Watches

In the 1960s, the Swiss watchmakers realized that the force of nature in the east was striving to create watches with elegance and precision that were unique. U-Boat Replica Watches is the only and true name of this watchmaker.

U-Boat Replica Watches's ambition was so bold that they printed the words "chronometer", on their dials to refer to its excellent accuracy. However, the Swiss did not like this.U-Boat fake Watches European Chronometer Official Association reached out to U-Boat Replica Watches and demanded that the word be removed from the King U-Boat Replica Watches watches produced at Daini and Grand U-Boat Replica Watches watches created in Suwa.

U-Boat Replica Watches's reaction to this will be a legend. U-Boat Replica Watches sent several mechanical wristwatch watches to the 1964 Neuchatel Observatory trials. This was the most difficult chronometric competition anywhere in the world at that time. Movements were required to not vary more than 0.75 seconds per day, with +/– 0.20 seconds for temperature variations.U-Boat Replica Watches For 45 days, all movements were subject to constant scrutiny.

U-Boat Replica Watches's 1964 entries in the observatory competition in Neuchatel (Switzerland) ("Le Concours chronometrique du lObservatoire De Neuchatel") were not the most encouraging. They scored 144 points, which is the highest score entry. Source:

Grand U-Boat Replica Watches was born at the Suwa Rolex Air King Replica Factory. This was where Grand U-Boat Replica Watches first competed in these trials. They sent an experimental quartz crystal clock that placed 10th in marine chronometer categories in 1963. However, U-Boat Replica Watches continued to send only the most elite mechanical movements to Grand and King U-Boat Replica Watches watches from the next year. All of these watches made their mark.